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  • Can I help distribute tablets and internet?
    Absolutely! You may either: Provide free internet with tablets to people in your organization. We will make a monthly donation to your org (email for details). To apply, go to our “About” page and scroll down to “JOIN OUR TEAM” Click on "Fill out our Partner Form!" OR Become an Agent and get paid to distribute them in your area. To apply, go to our “About” page and scroll down to “JOIN OUR TEAM” Click on "Fill out our Agent Form!"
  • Are there exceptions to the "one per household" rule?
    Yes! If you live with someone and share money, you are one household. If you live with someone and do not share money, you are technically 2 households under 1 roof. This means you can both apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • How do I keep the internet on my tablet active?
    To ensure your 4G service (aka, your access to data) stays active, use it off Wi-Fi once every 30 days.
  • How much data do I get with my tablet?
    You will be given 10GB of 4G T-Mobile service every month. In addition, you can use your tablet on Wi-Fi as much as you want.
  • Can I get a tablet through the ACP if I already have Lifeline (aka the Obamaphone)?
    Yes! Even if you received a device through Lifeline, you are still eligible to receive a tablet through the ACP. However, if you already received a tablet through the ACP, you are NOT eligible for another one.
  • Can I get both home internet and a tablet with data?
    No, according to the ACP, your credit can only be applied to either home internet OR a tablet and mobile data. However, note that National Access Connect only offers the tablet and mobile data pairing, not home internet.
  • What happens if I go over my monthly 10GB limit?
    Don't worry! You will not be charged. The data automatically stops when you hit 10GB for the month, so you will never receive a bill. However, you can continue to use the internet on Wi-Fi.
  • Can I get a tablet if I received one before?
    You are only eligible to receive one tablet from one service provider, according to the ACP.

Below are frequently asked questions to better assist you in understanding National Access Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

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