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National Access Connect

via Broadtel

Free Internet with Tablet*

*For those who qualify under the Affordable Connectivity Program

About Us

National Access Connect is an outreach program connecting the underserved to opportunity via free internet service with tablets. In today's tech-driven society, internet connectivity plays a vital role in carrying out essential tasks. People without affordable internet access may face significant disadvantages.


To address this issue, the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), administered by the FCC, has been established. This program aims to ensure that people have access to affordable broadband internet for various purposes like work, education, healthcare, and more. National Access Connect aims to empower people by providing them with the necessary tools and connectivity to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

National Access Connect is an affiliate of Broadtel. Broadtel is a member of the Affordable Connectivity Program, which enables it to receive funding from the FCC to provide T-Mobile internet and broadband services to NAC. When combined with the ACP, this allows NAC to provide you with the most affordable internet in the country- FREE!

In addition, NAC provides a tablet to anyone who qualifies for the program.


We believe every community deserves quality access to high speed internet, so we are working to connect underserved communities and close the digital gap. Our free internet with tablets can be utilized by students in the classroom, people working or looking for jobs, or just for fun! We are here to make getting connected easier for you, whatever your purpose.




Looking to provide free internet with tablets to your organization?

(We will make a monthly donation to your org. Email for details)

Want to become an Agent and get paid to sign people up?

Come for a tablet?

Our Happy Clients

That’s why I need a tablet. So I can look for jobs so I have income coming in. I also want to go back to school at night. This is great!

Nataconnect Customer


Endorsed by Project S.H.I.F.T, Inc.

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Endorsed by The Real Church 516


Endorseed by Kutztown University administration


Residents of BCHA complexes


Residents of the Shinnecock Indian Nation

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